Easy Jira

A native mobile app for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server designed for convenient use on iOS devices.

Easy Jira connects to your JIRA server and provides access to your Projects and Tickets in an easy and intuitive way.

Quick start

This JIRA mobile app is designed to be quick and accurate. Easy Jira will restore the exact place you were at when you left it. You don’t have to start from the beginning when you return to your jira app.


The app allows adjustments made for each project separately. Change sorting, apply filtering, choose a Sprint or a Backlog. These settings are remembered and applied each time you access the project. Setup once and enjoy different views for different types of projects you have.

This JIRA iPhone app also adapts to most popular workflow customizations.

Offline access

Your projects, tickets, and adjustments are remembered in the app cache on you iPhone. You can access your tickets during a flight or on the go. You don’t need to rely on the Internet connection anymore to work with JIRA.

No tutorial required

The app follows all iOS guidelines to provide you with expected and seamless experience. Working with JIRA on iOS is as simple as using mobile Mail.

Great login experience

Log in once and enjoy automatic login each next time you open the app. No more “session timeout” alerts and memorizing passwords. Optionally the auto-login process can be secured by Fingerprint ID (if activated in iPhone Preferences). The automatic login saves you a ton of time.